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Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change
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You are probably visiting this website because you want to change something that is negatively affecting you and you have not been able to successfully make that change.  Maybe you just don’t seem to be able to manage to make that change successfully on your own.  That feeling of being ‘stuck’ in what may seem an endless cycle that we just don’t seem to be able to break free from can be very frustrating.

It’s a wonderful thing to do to invest your time in your own well-being.  Showing yourself that you matter to you, and being appreciative of yourself.

Hypnotherapy can help you take back control, solve issues, regain your happiness and ultimately help you live your life to the fullest – so that you are able to thrive.

I use evidence based hypnotherapy techniques in conjunction with various psychotherapeutic modalities to help you make positive changes to your life.  Together, we can help you take control of and solve issues that have a negative impact on your life.

Finding the right hypnotherapist is an essential first step on your journey to success.

For every session and for each of my clients I prepare a bespoke, solution focused treatment plan based on that client’s particular nuances in order to help you achieve your goals and facilitate lasting change in the best way possible. I see clinical therapy as a collaborative process between a client and the therapist.

There are really only two options :

Option 1:

Carry on doing what you have always done and continue feeling the negative effects on your life.

Option 2:

Seek help to make the changes you want to make and feel better.

How can I help you?

I want to help you overcome any issues you may have and make positive changes to your life.

I use evidence-based hypnotherapy, as it allows for reliable and informed safe practice, which is based on the most up to date research available. I am dedicated to help you free yourself and discover your own potential with evidence based Clinical Hypnotherapy and a wide range of tailored techniques.

Make the decision to make a positive change to your life and get in touch for a chat if you would like some more information.


Deciding to consult with a hypnotherapist and choosing the right one is a very important step on your journey to achieving your goals.

Visit my About Me Page to give you a bit of an insight to me, and to help you get a better idea of whether I would be a good “fit” for you as a hypnotherapist.


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